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Seeking Recruitment Advice

Friday, January 13, 2023 08:45 | Nan Pate (Administrator)

Had a great conversation with Chase - he is working on a project/business idea to have a site that people who want to volunteer and managers/coordinators can use to recruit.  It will be resemble "Indeed" for volunteers.  He is looking for insight from our group.  Please consider reaching out to him!  Thank you, Nan Pate

Hi Nan,

Thanks again for the call - our discussion was super helpful! To recap: I'm an entrepreneur working on tools to help volunteer coordinators in healthcare, and I'd like to learn more about the role from practitioners at hospitals. Every hospital seems to operate a little differently, so I'd love to connect with coordinators in more facilities.

Do you know anyone that would be willing to take a few minutes to tell me about their work?

If so, happy to connect with them directly, or they can just grab a time on my calendar here:



Chase VanSteenburg

Mobile:  508-202-7799

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